WE FIRMLY BELIEVE, we are pursuing a GREAT CAUSE! Dedicated for more than 20 years, we devote ourselves to powering the world with printable solar cells. Riding the tide of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, YOU, YOUR JOINING, will be a powerful booster for our PASSIONATE PURSUE!
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We, pioneer a new research orientation towards an ultra-cheap triple-layer Printable Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells (p-MPSC). possess the fully independent intellectual properties on p-MPSCs. obtain the world’s first mesoscopic solar cells (PSCs) with operation stability.   own 5 year’s experiences and data on PSC demonstration power station.   We, relying on the original research achievements of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Establishing Wonder Solar Institute, Wuhan to conduct industrialization research. Speeding up our commercialization in Wonder Solar industrial parks (Gedian, Yichang, et al.) . Working together with the “National Team” of central enterprises to create a brand-new innovative system of Industry-University-Research-Application. What are you waiting for? Get on our wonderful ride, with our great team, and do something great with us! Contact: Ms. Crystal Chen Tel.: 027-65529969 Email: hr@wondersolar.cn
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